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connect vpn on iptv smarters pro

This guide will walk you through setting up a VPN on the IPTV Smarters app or IPTV Smarters Pro app using the OpenVPN protocol on your Android TV, TV box, or FireStick.

This method is a bit advanced and not necessary for most users. It allows you to use a VPN directly within the IPTV Smarters app. (Not recommended for beginners or non tech savvy)

There are easier alternatives, like installing apps such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, which are more straightforward and commonly used. However, if you prefer to use the VPN option within IPTV Smarters, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download VPN Configuration Files

  1. Download the Files:
    • Obtain the OpenVPN server configuration files from your VPN provider.
    • For this example, we’ll use Fastest VPN’s configuration files, which can be downloaded from their website or here.

Step 2: Prepare the Files

unzip open vpn

Unzip the Files:

    • Extract the downloaded files.

Transfer the Files:

    • Move the desired server configuration files to your Android/FireStick device storage.

Step 3: Open IPTV Smarters App

iptv smarters pro

  1. Launch the App:
    • Open IPTV Smarters or IPTV Smarters Pro on your device.
  2. Connect VPN:
    • Tap on the “Connect VPN” option. (as shown in the image above)

Step 4: Add VPN Certificate

  1. Add Certificate:
    • Click on “Add Certificate.”

Step 5: Import Configuration File

add certificate

    • Choose the “File” option.
    • Click on “Browse” and navigate to the location where you saved the configuration files in
    • Step 2. Select your desired file (e.g., “UK-UDP”) and click the “Import” button.

Step 6: Connect to VPN

Select Server File:

Tap on the imported server file name.

uk vpn iptv

Enter your VPN username and password

If you don’t have a username and password go sign up for an account on

Save and Connect:

Tap “Save” and then “Connect.”

Step 7: Confirm VPN Connection

    • The IPTV Smarters app’s top menu selections will have a green circle or the word “Connected” next to them after the VPN connection has been established.

Notice : This a Very advanced way to setup VPN on your device, there are better easier alternatives that only require installing one app (For example ExpressVPN: How to setup ExpressVPN On firestick)

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